Gerry Benton Golf provides top quality golf coaching for kids,
adults, elite junior and advanced players.


Dear Friends in Golf:

After 28 years teaching golf in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gerry has relocated to his home state—Colorado! Gerry sincerely thanks his former clients for their interest and passion for learning the greatest game. Upon request, he is happy to make referrals to trusted teaching partners.

From The Pro
Photo of Gerry Benton Golf Teaching Pro

My mission is to help you realize your aspirations in the great game of golf. There is much that golf offers through the involvement in play and sustained pursuit—with all of the physical and mental challenges the game presents. I'm here to help you play better, more satisfying golf as you pursue—

The Greatest Game.

Gerry Benton - Golf Performance Coach
South Metro Denver, Colorado
650.400.2248 •

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