Gerry Benton Golf @Deep Cliff Golf Course
provides top quality golf coaching for kids, adults and advanced players.

Starting Golf

Jumpstart your golf career! Explore your interest in an affordable group class or schedule a private session to see where you can take your golf game.

Advance Your Game

Take your game to new highs. Continue to develop in The Golf Lab, book a series of one-to-one sessions or schedule a single lesson to address an urgent need.

Golf Programs For Kids

Golf is the greatest of games to play and explore for a lifetime. It teaches youngsters many valuable lessons and skills to carry them through their lives. And all the while having a ton of fun in interactive classes.

Topic-Specific Clinics/Workshops

Clinics and workshops offer opportunities to drill deeper into specific aspects of golf. They are intensive and immersive activities to help accelerate your game to another level.

From The Pro

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Gerry Benton - Golf Performance Coach
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