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Gerry has been teaching the sport of golf for over 25 years. He is driven by a natural curiosity about how everything in the universe works. When golf captured his interest in 1985, he decided to focus his intense curiosity on understanding how the best in the game succeed.

Gerry continues to develop his coaching approach through ongoing study of the world's best teachers, players, methods and technologies. He takes a direct, practical approach to helping you get what you want for your golf game, and employs an array methods and tools to accelerate learning, including the TRACKMAN launch monitor.

Gerry has been a teaching professional at Deep Cliff since 1999. He has been a golf professional at Sharon Heights Country Club in Menlo Park; SportSense Golf Training Centers in Mountain View; Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course; PGA West in La Quinta, California; Ptarmigan Golf Club & CC in Fort Collins CO.

Gerry coached the Palo Alto High School golf team for six seasons, garnering four league championships.

Training received to date from:
PGA of America
TRACKMAN University
NorCal PGA Player/Teacher Developmental Forums
US Kids Golf
PRO Golf Schools
Titleist Performance Institute
SportSense Learning Center

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Everyone is naturally curious, perceptive, and possesses a remarkable capacity to learn. I work to assist you in reaching deeper levels of understanding and awareness of what you feel and how it affects your golf shots. With that, you develop your ability to hit the shots you desire and effectively coach yourself.

Of course, every golfer can benefit from help to learn faster. I employ an array of tools and techniques to accelerate learning. They are all based on the principle that people use feedback to learn—the more accurate the feedback and the quicker it comes, the faster we learn. That's why I use a collection of tools from effective training aids to video to the industry gold standard in launch monitors,

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