Excellent Coach
Justin H. says: Gerry provides a great blend of modern, data-driven techniques (aided by Trackman) and older-school, feel based tips and suggestions. On top of that he's a super friendly guy who's a breeze to work with interpersonally.

Private Lesson
Derrick C. says: Gerry is the best. He explains techniques that will allow you to approve independently as well as provides excellent feedback. Invaluable instructor.

Fixed my swing with one tip
Paul K. says: I’ve been having issues with my driver for a while and have had several lessons and video sessions with other instructors. I took a lesson with Gerry and in an hour, he gave me one tip that made all the difference. Gerry keeps things simple and clear, gets to the heart of an issue and beyond that is a great person to boot.

One of the better Instructors in the Bay Area
Len says: Gerry was both knowledgeable and patient with both my wife (a beginner) and myself. He used some of the latest technology to analyze our swings and offered good advice. He was also very personable and showed that he really cared about us.

Lessons with Gerry Benton
Lane H. says: Gerry is an awesome instructor! You will leave encouraged and something great to work on.

Great Lesson
Jim W. says: Thanks for the great Lesson. I have been striking the ball so much better. You are a great teacher of the game you were able correct my swing after 1 hour.

Great Golf Instruction
Gary D. says: If you are looking to improve your game, I highly recommend Gerry Benton. He has a variety of golf lessons available. He is detailed. He is patient. And, he works with your body and style to improve your game.

Great Couples Session
Lee S. says: My wife and I both enjoyed and benefited from lessons with Gerry. He's knowledgeable and provided individualized instruction to cater to each of us.

First Lesson
Karoline W. says: It was so much fun to start with Gerry our first golf lesson. He explained everything perfectly, we had so much fun. Thanks Gerry!

Excellent Instructor
Phillip says: Gerry is very patient and thorough. He is very quick at recognizing swing details, and makes amazing use of the Trackman monitor. The session gave me instant feedback and I improved almost immediately.

Another Great Lesson!
Marit H. says: Gerry's lessons are always customized to my needs. Great tips and corrections for improving my game!

Wonderful teacher!

Nitasha M. says: Gerry is a wonderful teacher. We had our first lesson for my 15 yr old and Gerry was great! We are looking forward to having more lessons from a fantastic instructor like him!!

Remarkable experience!
Taha H. says: I have never played golf before (xbox doesn't count). Gerry personalized his instructions for my first ever golf experience and used examples/analogies that helped me learn 4 different shots in 1 hour. He is super polite, patient and great mentor. I have been dreaming about going back to my next session. He also took time after the class to help me buy a my first starter set of golf clubs.

Coaching with Passion and Patience
"Grasshoppa" L. says: "Be patient, Grasshoppa. Take smaller steps if you want to learn how to make good golf shots more consistently" This is the best advice I have learned about golf from Gerry. Like most beginners, I just wanted to "hit" that golf ball, and not paying enough attention to the body motions of the golf swing from start to finish. Gerry has opened up my mind about the basic concepts of creating good golf shots, effortlessly. He is a very patient coach/instructor and intends for his students to learn how to play golf more effectively.

Great for Kids

Ron S. says: My 8 year old twins just started lessons with Gerry and are having a blast. Gerry is extremely patient, gentle and knows just how to balance instruction with modeling, where the boys get to watch him and imitate his motions. I highly recommend his teaching style for kids and adults.

Hans W. says: Just had my first lesson with Gerry and it was an excellent experience. All the other reviews about Gerry being a great teacher are dead on!

Excellent Instructor

Sylvia K. says: I am very glad to have Gerry as a golf instructor for both my daughter and myself. In any of his golf lessons, you will soon discover that he is knowledgeable and passionate to the sport of golf. If you are a kid, Gerry will definitely find a way to lead and motivate you to make the learning of golf fun, enjoyable and thus effective. If you are an adult, Gerry also explains the game very well, from the rules, techniques, the reasons behind them, the physics of the swings, the angles and the impact between the club head and ball, ... etc. He is definitely a good instructor choice for both adults and children.

Great Lesson and Advices

Julia Z. says: We got to know Gerry from a Jr. golf summer camp in 2014. The first impression Gerry and Angie presented to a 7 year-old kid was wonderful!! Hence, my son's entering the golf world. Gerry is such a kind and patient couch in many ways. We appreciate his advice and professional experiences which should carry our young athlete a long and fun way in his journey.

Great Instructor

Ken L. says: Gerry has been a instructor for my two kids for almost one year. My kids made great fun from his class every Sat. Especially for my son, 7 years old, can play a round with me in Deep Cliff now. He is kindness, professional, and very patient. I will strongly recommend him to improve your golf skill.

Gary W. says: This was a refresher lesson for me and as in the past, Gerry was great! He listened to what I wanted to accomplish and catered my lesson specifically to that subject. He has a great way of making suggestions, instead of telling you what to do. He does stress that repeating what we learned will be the best way to improve my game. One suggestion that Gerry made was for me to stand more straight up and closer to the ball. I've tired this the past two times I've golfed and the improvement was amazing. Something that simple helped my ball striking and slice. Still a work in process, but Gerry has really helped my game! He calm way of explaining things is also a great teaching tool. I have recommended Gerry to my fiancee and another good friend. Both have benefited from Gerry's instruction. I would highly recommend Gerry to anyone who wants to take lessons to improve their golf game. He's the best!

Great coach

Wentong L. says: Gerry is very friendly. He understands the need of the student and coaches according.

Perceptive and patient coach

Chris L. says: Gerry is a perceptive and patient instructor. Perhaps, more importantly, his enthusiasm in teaching golf comes through in his lesson. You can sense he really wants to help his students to improve their game. I would recommend Gerry.

Highly Recommended

Christine & Jack V. says: Our whole family ( 2 parents & grown children ) like Gerry ' s teaching & appreciate his patience, genuine interest in teaching. He has all the right traits of an excellent teacher. Highly recommended to others ... especially beginners like us.

Unsurpassed commitment to students!

Dana J. says: Gerry provides the best instruction I've experienced because: 1) His superior knowledge of golf mechanics and his ability to analyze a swing 2) Patience. And more patience. He creates a "safe" environment to learn and have fun 3) His willingness to take students out on a course, keep them motivated, and model techniques 4) His love of the game! It shows!!

Gerry deserves all the star!

Christine V. says: After just 1 lesson, it is quite obvious Gerry is a great teacher : patient, articulate, kindness in his voice & look, genuinely caring, accommodating and knowledgeable! Also obvious he loves the sport & wants to help us students to love it too.

Excellent instructor

Caroline W. says: Gerry is really great at teaching golf in very interesting ways. He would customize his teaching according to different people. He always has some nice tricks for you to overcome the challenges you have on getting the techniques right. He would ask you questions to think before he gives you the answer. He would spot on your issues and provide a very unique way to correct that. He is super patient with people of all ages. I believe that he enjoys teaching so much that he is never even slightly frustrated with anyone. He is really good at what he is doing and I would highly recommend him!

Putting & Sandtraps

Nathan W. says: Nathan W. thinks the exercises were a great way to get better at putting and sandtraps. Gerry's tips on how to hit the ball better were easy to understand. Gerry is very patient and able to communicate his ideas well. Thank you Gerry.

A good fit for me

Michael K. says: I've not had many golf lessons. I had a lesson from Gerry a few days ago. Based on that one hour lesson, Gerry seems like a great coach and teacher. He provided drills before and then listened well and then watched me and made helpful suggestions for practice drills that will help me to improve on my own. I highly recommend a call with Gerry to discuss his approach....or just go ahead and book a one hour lesson. Based on my experience, you will not regret it.

Loved my lesson with Gerry

Lane H. says: I am a beginning golfer and I have had numerous lessons. My lesson recently with Gerry was the best so far. His instruction gave me insight into two simple take aways that for the first time make me feel like I can play this game. He gave me something I feel confident about practicing and I look forward to my next lesson.

Patient and observant

Kenneth N. says: I am a beginner golfer and have only taken a group lesson with Gerry before through the Los Altos Rec. Gerry is very patient and he can pick up the little movements that I was doing wrong. He is very articulate and breaks down the movement of the swing into different components so I can understand what I was doing wrong. He also uses very simple props to help fixing my swing. I have no problem recommending Gerry at all and will take more lessons from him in the future.

Great Instructor with EXCELLENT Teaching Skills

Grant L. says: Gerry is very efficient in getting to the root of what your golf needs. For example, the first class was supposed to learn how to improve my swing. After he saw me swinging several times, he wanted me to swing at the tee of #1 Hole. I hit two balls into the water by using the driver. He suggested me to use #9 club (neither the Fairway driver, Hybrid club, nor the #5 club). I hit the ball on the fairway. He suggested me to use #7 club for the 2nd shot. I hit the ball near the green. He taught me how to play chipping on my 3rd shot. He also explained the difference between Pitching and Chipping. End up, I hit a bogey with only 5 shots. This is my BEST score in #1 Hole. What an amazing!!! Thank you, Gerry. Gerry is very knowledgeable about golf. For example, when he saw my problem of slice by using the driver, he taught me how to hit the HOOK for correction. He showed me 9 different ball flights based on combination of club face and ball flight path. This will help me to figure out how to hit the HOOK, SLICE, DRAW and FADE in the course, I would DEFINITELY recommend Gerry as a golf instructor, I already booked another two lessons to improve my game. Again, thank you very much, Gerry.

Very effective instructor

James W. says: I've now had several lessons from Gary and he is clearly the most effective golf instructor I've ever worked with. Plus he's fun to be around...makes learning easy.

Great Instructor

Seth H. says: Had my 1st lesson with Gerry this past Sunday. He was able to immediately correct a problem I was having with my grip, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. I look forward to more lessons and improving my game. Gerry has an easygoing style which puts his students at ease. A great find.

A great coach for me and my daughter for many times.

Chris K. says: Gerry is my daughter's and my own golf instructor. We have been had many classes with him many times and there must be some good reasons. In my opinion, there are at least two ways that you can have a class. You can have a specific area of golf you want to work on with Gerry and you will find that he is very knowledgeable and you can just keep asking question or if he knows you well, he can teach you different thing every time you go to him. I have found that what I thought the problem was sometimes are totally different in a good coach's eye. For example, if I thought the problem might be my lower body, Gerry might told you t that it is some part of your arm was not right. If I thought the problem was the swing sequence, Gerry might told me that it was my spine position causing the problem. Those small details matter a lot when you want to improve your game and it is worth the investment with a good coach like Gerry to save you time and effort in a long run. I would highly recommend Gerry for you or your family.

Just what my game needed, no more no less

James W. says: Gerry is very efficient in getting to the root of what your golf needs...he doesn't waste a lot of time on extraneous stuff...very efficient...that's why I keep coming back

Great Instructor

Leigh G. says: We really appreciated Gerry's patience, knowledge and positive attitude when teaching our six year old son. We will definitely be back for more!

Great instructor

Arden N. says: Gerry coached my 7 and 9 year olds and they have been so happy with the first lesson that they couldn't wait for the next weekend to come. Gerry is very patient and knowledgeable about golf and is very professional in his teaching, communications and as a person. I would definitely recommend Gerry.

Thorough, creative and fun

Sylvia K. says: If you are looking for a devoted, knowledgeable and amiable coach, Gerry is the one. What even amazed me was that Gerry was creative and added fun into dull drills by using some small games. While you enjoy the fun of the game, you also advance your skill into the next level. What an effective way to learn golf!

Immediate improvement

Ra P. says: I have been very frustrated at times. Gerry quickly spotted some issues and I my shots improved immediately. He makes golf more fun


Diane N. says: This was great! Gerry provided help for my husband and me that improved our ability to control the ball more effectively when hitting out of the bunker. I can now hit those shots when the ball is sitting close to the back side of the bunker, and placed about six inches below the top. Amazing stuff Gerry knows!

Shots out of the bunker

Sridhar N. says: I am typing this for my son Shreyas - there was a time when getting a ball into the bunker would instill a "oh-no" reaction from him. Thanks to help and coaching from Gerry, he is reasonably confident that if it is in the bunker, he can get it up and down. He has taken classes from Gerry a number of times and seems to imbibe what he learns for Gerry extremely well and more importantly uses it effectively when he plays the course. What more can one ask for!!

Great Instructor

Pankaj J. says: Gerry has been great with my 8 year old. He connects with him, gives him instructions that are easy to follow and makes the game fun for him. He is always smiling. We run into him at the course routinely, and he is always ready to answer questions or give pointers even when we don't have a session with him. I recommend him highly.

Great instruction and Great teaching style

Ian P. says: Gerry has been a great instructor for me for so many years, his teaching style is great and can compliment many people's playing style very well. He is very patient and very educated about golf, as well as being very dedicated to his work. I would definitely recommend Gerry as a golf instructor, I still am taking lessons from him to improve my game.

Helpful session
Nadejda m. says: I had several classes with Gerry through the Los altos Community Education Program. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the game and his teaching methodology. So I decided to continue my golf practices with Gerry after my classes finished. I am definitely not disappointed. Gerry has a real knack for spotting the deficiencies in the individual performance and offer solutions for the problems. After quite a few years of pursuing golf I believe that I finally found the instructor who can effectively help me improve my game.

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